Friday, August 8, 2008

Celebrated Singapore's 43rd birthday today,
& tomorrow will be the actual day.
Went to school as per normal,
except many ppl keep asking if i'm alright.
just need plenty of water.
In the quadrangle,
we had the dont know what marching.
Then national anthem.
After that went to the hall for a slideshow
many people's faces,
but i couldnt see clearly as i'm seated at the back,
and becomes so blur when people started laughing.
then got people singing the national songs,
the 'stand up for singapore' was cool,
everyone came standing up.
Haha, expecially Zena's gang seated behind rasyidah and I,
both of us was like,
Because they were screaming and shouting at the top of the voices,
Extremely HYPERRR.
Zena could really sound like a whistle,
it goes p-eeeeeeeee-pppp.

Then we headed down to take the bus to Raffles Place.
Tanned under the sun was so longgggggg,
then they ask us to go into the shelter
Reached thr and walked for miles and miles.
it seemed so long and tiring when we were walking to our destination,
but so short and relaxing when going back.
Weihao, Jessica and Runfa really very crazy la.
Lol, makes me LMAO.
Was really fun going with them.
Then they ask us cross the road then come back.
Ask us sit down,
then stand up.
Sit again,
and stand.
We're like their toys la.
alamak. lol
then got serious,
started holding hands and waited for the signal.
But we no radio!
So shihui lent us hers.
We were all kicking the radio,
some saying the left side cannot hear,
some day the right
Shihui arms was akimbo and looking at us.
Then stood for so long, and ms shidah decided to tell us to sit down.
Then suddenly the radio became to count down,
10, 9, 8, 7...
Then we all ganjiong liao.
All go chaos and hold hands.
then they say what, the legs must touch each other also.
Some say their pants bursting alr la.
then never lo,
never even recite the pledge then go home alr.
Take the bus and didnt even get to sleep.
then trainings.
Had rotation,

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