Monday, May 12, 2008

Linshan, Haha, :D Love you too <3
Chinyee, LOL, i whr got so slack, like you meh?! Haha, you open your eyes next time, then can see le. Haha.

Happy Mothers' Day!
I'm honoured to have my birthday on Mothers' Day every 4 years :D
Tomorrow's gonna be my cousins' birthday,
she may be cute,
but (oh), She's super annoying.
Eleven people wished me today :D
1st: Sarah beloved <3
2nd: Mixe gayest bestfriend <33
3rd: Xinlerk, sister (: (shall not comment, unless i wna die :P)
4th: Pantita [:
5th: Xintien, sister (:
6th: Tessa HOHOHO <3
7th: Alicia :D
8th: MY PAPA! (he still rmb even thought he's not in s'pore <3)
9th: Lanruo, maomao :D
10th: Alison :D
11th: Maureen hotty <3

I'm contented.
Even without gifts.
At least they rmbered my birthday.
Omg, i miss papa.
Papa, come home soon.
You didnt get to celebrate my birthday with me.
Hehehe, but it's okay.
All i wanted was,
a present from vietnam.
That's alrd great.

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