Friday, March 21, 2008

Linshan, Love you too darling<3
Went swimming today at Woodgrove Condominium,
with Xiaojun, Chaoxin, Alison, Tiffanny & My sister.
Went swimming at 2+pm
Then suntan :D
I want to become blackblack,
but when we put the suntanning oil,
the sun disappear alrd!!!
Anw, bought water --rootbeer(:
Then chat for a while.
Then go back to swimming agn.
Then chitchat,
Then play with the ball.
We went to the baby pool.
Then play with the ball.
We was like kicking and splashing the water like siao,
until tired.
then got one little boy come.
I say hello to him,
then he say,"go back to the big pool"
Until very funny.
because he's from states.
Then we all surround him and ask for his name,
and talk to him.
He said his name is 'Brody', 4 yrs old.
And he know how to say 'NIHAO'
It means Hello in chinese.
He say until very cute lo.
Then his mum ask us how to say 'thankyou' in chinese.
then we say 'xiexie'
then she ask brody to say,
he say until like 'shixi'
But he's super cute.
When he was to leave the pool,
he threw tantrums.Haha.
Then we chat for a while,
then go sauna (:
for 15min.
My first time siah,
then like got breathing difficulty.
But still ok la.
Then can lose fats!
Then go back to the pool agn,
because was sweating LOL.
Then chat chat,
then chaoxin gtg.
then shower,
then go home.
Haha, they didnt notice i was shooting them(:

[she wants me to smudge the face, but i smudge the security guard myself, cos he's so fat&extra!]
My sister :O

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