Sunday, March 9, 2008

Linshan, Haha, so tag often? Then i'll post often yea? :D

will be going to bangkok tomorrow.
Have to reach the airport at 1pm.
Will be missing 2 volleyball trainings!

Btw, yesterday.
Alison&Tiffanny came to our house.
To take a look at my brother i think?
Hah, Alison is still so childish.
She keeps wanting to get onto my bro's minicar&bike.
She climbed onto them when she was about to leave.
And Tiffanny loved chocolates.
She ran to me when i asked them whether they want chocolates or not.
Then Tiffanny eat until the teeth all choco,
Walau, LOL. She very funny lo.
When first time see my bro,
her first sentence was : Check it out~
And we all were eating popiah when my brother came to ask for it from us.
My brother even drank Tiffanny's drink.
then i write homework for Alison.
Then she forgot to bring home.

So today.
Alison, Tiffanny&Chaoxin came to my house to get the homework list from me.
And Tiffanny needed to use the toilet urgently.
Then sat for a while,
and left.

Went to grandparent's house today,
ate dinner,
watched tv,
ate fruits,
ate Ice cream& Frenchfries,
said 'byebye'
&left for home:D

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