Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Woke up early in the morning :D
Going to cedar for friendly.
Go wrss first,
Many ppl got a shock after seeing my sister's hair.
Then the bus come,
got onto the bus and went to cedar [new],
I think coach tell the driver wrong place?
Then we need to take public bus ourselves,
and walkwalkwalkwalk,
for a longlong time -.-
Before we even started the match,
alrd so tired la.
Then saw MAUREENbeloved <3
Played only one set ):
Because they want to play main 6 one.

Im so looking forward to how our sec1 vb team will look like :D

After that went to Tiffany&Alison's hse.
Played computer,
and watch
Is the television one,
not the movie one.
So funny la.
Everytime after the song part,
Tiffany will fast forward,
then when you listen,
it's like they sing until so crazy like that,
And Jerry sissy like hell,
Ask stupid questions somemore,
Why is blood red?
Why are girls so fond of their beauty?

We watch until disc4 only,
Then go home at about 6pm alrd.

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