Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gosh, having so many talks in the hall nowadays.
Almost twice a day,
and it's making my butt and leg ache.
Worst still,
all th0se drills during trainings made it worst than ever.
And it feels more comfortable hitting my butt while walking.

played heartattack, or [what we created] ccb.
HAHA, was really funny la.
Runfa la!!!
we're the noisiest in class lo.
playing the game, lol.

Went to ShengSiong after school to buy the necessary stuffs for BBQ on friday.
It was a long bus trip from wrss,
took a nap.
Alison and Kelly also :D
Bought chickenwings, crabmeats, hotdogs/sausages, sweet potatoes, F&Nsyrup, marshmallows, Bobochacha, corn, etc.
total cost was about $70.
a friendly auntie helped us chose the sweet potato[as we just choose those pretty ones!],
and told us what to do to keep the chicken fresh(:
Great, now the shopping stuffs are done! :D

then went back home by bus.
waiting for sooo long and 912 finally came.
kelly said the bus uncle said,"after school never go home."
we talked as if the whole bus is ours.
and the malay girls sitting near us was trying to nap
and were covering their ears with their hands.
well, it's as if we cared -,-

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