Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mixe, Whatever la. i like to call it lanjiao. Like you got see before like that, i dont even have!
Walau, cant get into your lanjiao blog again la.!
Chinyee, Thankyou. Haha.
Ytd got one stupid aunty who look like laozhabo in the bus,
who called me guailan.
I talk also cannot ar,
i human also right.
She can talk then i cannot.
So what if she think i was screaming or shouting,
not shouting at her can alr la.
Lao cb.
Lao bitch.
Old, still dye hair red colour.
Too many white hair alr is it.
Stare at me with that kind of eyes,
i got offend you ar.
Call me guailan,
talk only then stare at me.
Then i say,"not talking about you la"
then she also copy me say, "I also not talking about you what"

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