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Now that I have both my finals (end of Year 2 woo!!) and all my birthday stuff out of the way, I thought I'll document everything that happened throughout this entire process (of course not the finals part cos lol who the hell talks about exams when you're done with them you just enjoy ok period). 

First, I'll like to say that I may attend a lot of parties and all, but I'm really not the sort to actually hold a party. It's kind of an insecurity thing I guess, like I don't think anyone will actually care enough to come and I've never held a party I have no idea what kind of party I want, or how to go about doing it. And I think the fear that my party will not have a lot of people present is always at the back of my head. I was also very stressed over who to invite, because I want all my close friends and the people that I really care about to be there, but I'm not sure if they actually feel the same for me yknow? I was also really afraid to offend anyone if I didn't invite them or anything. It's really a lot of things, like if I invite a few people from hall, I feel like I have to invite just about everyone, or like I can't invite just a few teammates I'm close to I have to invite the entire team kinda thing. So over the invitations, I was really very confused and stressed out but I'm so fucking glad my party is over and I'm done with stressing over all these stupid things that's never crossed my mind prior to planning to hold a damn birthday party.

Ok second, money was also a big issue because I have an ideal super bomb party in mind but I'm really not willing to spend so much on my birthday. My birthday celebrations are usually very simple cheap thrills, like all I care about is having a good time, good company, lots of laughter, and honestly to pay thousand over dollars to have a good time sounds absolutely absurd to me. I mean, ok this is subjective, but to me it was really unnecessary because I can have a good time watching one piece on my laptop, or going shopping with my friends talking about cute guys or girls with terrible fashion sense, or even hitting the club and mimic bad dancings all night. And also holding this whole birthday party thing really made me feel super girly, and I'm sure many of my friends will agree like I look and dress like a girl and sometimes behave like kinda a girl but I'm not girly or cutesy or anything like that, and like the girly side of me insists I need a damn chio two-tier cake HAHAHA ok so on the cake, I did spend quite a lot of money but it was quite worth it cos the cake tasted really good as well. I mean, I did go down to the store and actually try the cake before deciding on the flavour I wanted. Cake wise, I was really very particular like if I'm gonna spend a bomb on you you better taste fucking heavenly and it did so yay!!!

I decided to hold my party at NSRCC because the place is super big and my dad is a SAFRA member so we managed to snag quite a good price. The place is two storeys, with two bedrooms and a toilet upstairs nothing fancy. The first level has a kitchen, dining area, toilet, huge living room and outdoor, and the entire place is air-conditioned. I had to book the venue about 2 or 3 months in advance and I got the cake a month in advance and left everything else to after my finals. Thankfully my finals ended a week before my actual party, that I meticulously planned for it for be on the last day of finals so every school student will be able to attend and that my army friends will be out of camp on the day. I did not get food catering because I think it's a waste of money, and I didn't wanna bbq as well cos there's always so much wastage of food and I feel I'm never full from bbq cos you gotta wait for the food to be cooked. So I got my mom to cook a few simple dishes, basically like beehoon, fried rice, fishballs, popcorn chicken and all that, and I ordered 12 boxes of pizza. I actually saved a lot on the food, considering the fact that there were still food left, which means everyone was well-fed HAHA.

I initially planned for everyone to wear black, and I'll wear white but because my relatives were gonna be there and my white dress would reveal my tattoo, I had to find a new dress at the last minute. In case anyone asks, it's just disrespectful to not attempt to cover my tattoos in front of my relatives and my parents will really appreciate my effort in trying to keep them hidden as well. I really really love the dress I got for myself in the end, it's a maxi dress with a slit at the front that is in glittery grey, and definitely something I can wear again in future. Oh and it's cheap too woo!!! SAVE MONEY!!! 

Here's some photos with my family and relatives cos they turned out really nice!!!

HAHA omg I just realized my 10 year old bro is almost as tall as my ahma
and no points for guessing who we got the tall genes from
got my dimples from my gramps hehe
favourite child right here
prettiest daughter right here

I had to book two nights for my stay in NSRCC, so on the first night I got a few close friends to stay over to help me with the decorations (mostly is I just really need people to help me blow balloons la HAHAH cos I can't possibly blow ALL of them). I initially got a really nice cloth as the backdrop of my photo-taking area but the yellow lights made it look damn ugly so I used it as a table cloth in the end and did nothing much to the backdrop. I think it turned out fine in the end, I mean it was quite minimal effort also. I also made sure I didn't have all the nice cupcakes or nice looking food on my table there because I feel that nobody can touch it until I'm done taking all the photos cos the food will only be for aesthetic purposes, which is quite stupid to me cos I was more concerned about people not eating. 

While preparing for the party itself, I was super stressed out about everything, from decorations to food and drinks and the friends coming. I was scared that I didn't have everything in order before my friends started arriving, I literally only went to get ready 15minutes before my party started and had to come down several times with like half my face done to greet my relatives and friends before running upstairs again to finish everything up. At the same time I was also super overwhelmed with text messages and phone calls from my friends asking about parking lots and apologising for not being able to make it and that they'll be late whatsoever. For this part, I am really super thankful to have Nessie settle everything nicely for me and really kept her cool when I was throwing tantrums and being so flustered about everything. 

I had to entertain quite a few friends who made the effort to come down eventhough they were alone and awkward, but I am genuinely thankful for their presence. But I am also deeply apologetic for leaving mid-conversations to greet people who just arrived and introducing them to my relatives and parents and the food area. Also, omg I didn't eat at all during my party because (problem with having braces) I brushed my teeth before my party started and I couldn't risk having any food stuck in my teeth during photo-taking, but I had a really generous serving of my birthday cake cos it's super yummy omg. Oh, I was also super stressed when it was time for me to cut the cake cos at that time so many people decided it was a good time to arrive and then we had to take photos, but that is also the time many of my friends and relatives had to leave, so I had to rush a lot of photos with so many people looking around waiting for me to cut my super chio cake. And it was after the birthday song that I realized I didn't prepare a thank-you speech so I could have missed out many friends who helped me a lot and I was also super nervous like I was literally trembling LOL I have no idea why I think I was just damn tense about the whole party thing. I should have downed a few shots before the entire party started (note to self next time I hold a party, which is never).

this photo just really makes me feel like a princess hahah

I definitely relaxed a lot after the whole cake-cutting thing was over and when my relatives left. I just changed into comfy clothes and chilled with the few friends who stayed a little longer to hang with me. Throughout this entire party I'm really super thankful for the few friends who kept asking if I needed help, and offered to help me anyway eventhough I insisted there was no need to. Especially Tyler (who helped me with the photographs the entire night), she took half day off just for my party. And when I initially asked her for the favour, she agreed before I even told her what I needed from her. And Nessie who just followed me everywhere and really gave me a lot of advices about holding a party. And the few who stayed and helped me with everything, tolerating my stupid tantrums and pissy moments, and my mom for helping me with the food. I am just so extremely blessed and I felt very very loved that night.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and ok I will stop thanking everyone but I am just really really happy.

On the actual day of my birthday (my party was held in advance on 6 May, but my actual birthday is 11 May), Marz Nessie and I had a mini staycation for two nights! It was really simple, we just chilled by the pool and did some crazy stuffs haha shhhh. I didn't really have plans on my birthday since I alr had my party, but basically we did the usual clubbing and shit with the usual bunch of friends. Is it first time the birthday girl never die? HAHAHA

Right now, I am just super glad that I have one less thing to worry about and can focus on settling my whole korea summer school stuff and citizenship and passport and everything else. I really have so many things to do this holidays.

Ok I will end the post here it's alr 5am. T_T

Side note: my response to when people call me immature..."I'M 21 NOW!!! I AM A MATURE ADULT!!!"

OMG ALSO I AM SO HAPPY TO EVERYONE WHO CALLED ME PRINCESS PEI HAHAHA like my friends really played along with my event title on facebook and called me a princess in their instagram dedications to me THANK YOU!!! I truly felt like a princess hehe

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