Friday, January 9, 2009

Haha, Shot 7.
I tried very hard not to laugh okay!
This is take 2, lol.
Hey, haha.
Long time never touch computer le,
my blog still in new year mood.
School's good :D
Except when homeworks starts to come in.
Anw, i had fun on wednesday.
but i got caught by mr siva, i was bullied.
Then need to write statement on the blue form outside GO.
super embarrassing.
The sec ones had their cca selection.
this years' great, many joined volleyball.
I went around shouting like hell for all the girls to join volleyball la.
Fat, thin, tall, short, all i want. haha.
Got a 172cm tall girl, wow!
And i remember honeydew, wendy and arianti.
HONEYDEW! the one who rejected me after so many attempts.
still failed la, haha.
She's cute, a cute angmoh :D
Imagine an angmoh in our volleyball team, cool like shit man!
Haha, met her four times and she rejected me all?
Lol, fine, i give in to this one.
Had training for one week alr, so tired la.
tmr still have friendly at wdp.
Yuping sprained her ankle! AGAIN!
Man, at the wrong timing?
Northzone's just a few days away!
Anw, we'll get into the second round for her,
right guys? :D

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