Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shot 5!

so, i bought takeaways beehoon.
Which is only $1 per packet.
So cheap right.
Others brought some food too.
Then some of us went to the petrol station to buy ice.
Got changed when all turned up and went into the pool.
The water was superduper cold.
But adapted quickly.
Played with the slide and all.
Swam and fooled around.
then after awhile we changed back.
ate and went up to play ball.
After awhile then got people say wanna use the court.
so gambled.
I dont know how much i earned, maybe about 50cents?
Haha, i won one game ma.
then all the money mine :D
at that time, we were expecting the seniors to come.
Not all, maybe about 5/6 of them.
But in the phone, got people say all of them coming except jessica.
We were like, shit! Not enough food.
So quickly went out to buy somemore water, chips and ice.
Yingjie and I cycled up,
alright, maybe i was the one cycling,
yingjie was trying to catch up.
We should be faster than alison, chaoxin and venus who were walking!
But we were slower than them by ALOT!
Gosh, embarrassing la.
We chiong all the way back to watch little nyonya,
but in the end decided to swim instead.
so wasted, 2hours leh!
then seniors came, and there were only 4 of them.
-,- bought so many food for nothing liao.
then got changed and swim again!
I rolled down the slide, omg.
Injured my hip, head and index finger.
Now i type until so slow la.
got blueback and bloodclot inside the nail.
Yucks right?
and my head got one baluku!
haha. quite big leh.
anw, swam for so long.
flooded the staircase meant for people to walk.
And the residents complained about 3-5 times about our noise level.
because we keep screaming.
we were almost kicked out of the condo.
After awhile, washed up.
the stupid security guard keep asking us to hurry up,
because he closing up the toilet.
i so vexed, i shouted,"WAIT LA!"
Then he said,"How dare you raised your voice, what's your unit number?"
then Qianwen washed her hair in the showerhead outside.
after that we played murder and police, silent game.
We play halfway the security guard come and say we very noisy.
Pls lo, we playing silent game leh
then she say how come she can hear us so far away.
i said,"You hear somebody else la, why everytime is us one."
Then Qianwen apologised to her and she walked away.
went home after that.
acompannied qianwen to take bus first.
she say the rape thing, haha, so disgusting.

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