Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hmm, nothing much to say.
But now tests are going on,
so scared later i never do well.
And we won our first round of netball games,
the score was 17/0.
Thailand Tigress!
Going to compete with UK Ringers-Kelly's team on the next match.
We had a friendly game on Friday,
and Yuping injured her knee.
I hope she get well soon so that we can have a fair competition.
Anyway, Friday's weather was hot.
And we didnt play as well as we did that time.
So must try our best on the next round.

Nothing else to say alr.
Lol, socks get caught by Mrs Kok lo.
Then buy the very ugly grey socks.
People in class was laughing at me also la,
Especially Rasyidah.
But i know how to deal with her,
That time during Literature class,
Sheela and i were teaching her how to say 's' properly.
Because she keep sticking her tongues out.
I was laughing my ass out when she keep trying and still couldnt get it.
She so funny la.

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