Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm so glad that exams are over,
it lasted for 8 days!
Omg, so tiring.
I flew away to AMKhub today,
after i went home from exams.
With irene, chaoxin and alison.
Sad thing that Jane, laopo, cant go )':
Actually should be waiting for shueli,
she said those who's late by 1 second will be pig.
But she never turn up,
but we smart ok,
we wait for 5 minutes only then stop waiting alrd.

Then sat on the floor on the mrt, as usual.
Played so engrossedly with out phones that we didnt notice whether we reached our destination.
So then, we were listening very attentively for the voice who will call out the name of the destination.
Then luckily, we're suppose to stop at the next time,
heng we never miss our stop.

Then reach AMKhub,
decided what to eat,
Then go walk walk,
decide what to give irene's sister for her birthday.
Then accompanied irene to cwp,
as she had ballet lesson.
We went to arcade,
and i played the racing car,
the first one was quite easy, although i got no. 18th :P
But the second, i was like out of control of the car.
the car's problem, not my problem.
then play the sweets machine,
spent alot of money on it [shall not tell the amount],
and was slowly addicted, HAHA.
Was very angry when no sweets dropped,
LOL, then went home.
saw ruixiang, hongxiang they all.
but they dont welcome us, FINE!
We all go away lo.
then go chaoxin's house,
and learnt to play chinese chess.
so fun,
i almost won alison. ALMOST..
then went home alone.
So happy that i can touch my comp at last,
my beloved computer,
how can i ever live without you..
that time saw her at cwp,
i going crazy alrd la,
she's so cute!!!

Reply to tags(:
Max: I got exams how to update? I so hardworking, dont tell me you dont know hor, revising ma.
Mixe: Haha, wait very long right? I'm so happy that i saw you that day la, bitch.
Linshan: Hey, I love you too. <33>
Chinyee: I got exams la, 'mem. I very hardworking revising at home ma, unlike you -.~
Chaoying: Haha, strangers whr got say?
Squish: Hey dear, goodluck too, sorry i was not able to tag you ):
Alicia: Hey, thanks. Goodluck for you too (:
Eunice: Hello. I never do finish my maths ):
Dreezel: Hey, haha, i wish you goodluck for exams also too late alrd. So, i wish you goodluck in your relationship la. HEHE(:

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