Saturday, February 23, 2008

Went for volleyball training,
After training go Wps for match,
Then go Alison's house,
then go Chongpang buy shorts.

When we stepped into the wps hall,
It's so SHINY!
The floor seemed to have been polished,
the hall is so bright even though one row of lights are not on.
Alison even said that the president thr looked happier -.-
& the volleyball thr is so small, shiny and hard.
Spike alrd very pain lo.

At 12.30 go Alison's hse.
Then meet Yingjie, Kelly & Yuping at cwp breadtalk.
All dressed sexily hor, LMAO.

Chongpang never sell straight-cut fbt shorts,
so i buy 2 butterfly one.
for my sister&me.
Then when we going to the bus stop thr.
we passes by a very cute store with this shoes:

Black shoe: Pan's leg; Slippers: Alison's leg


Then we decide for a long time then go AMKhub
Then went to all the sports shop,
but all dont have fbt shorts.
Only queensway and chongpang have.
But chongpang no STOCK!
so our trip is wasted,
money is wasted,
and precious time is wasted too):

Maybe next time lo.

Btw, today went out and saw: Xiaoyu, Pauline, Hannah, Jingyi, Benjamin Tan, Serena, Eugene Tan, Pan's classmate (dk who), Laiyin... And forgot the rest alrd ;P

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