Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Went bowling with my sisters, cousin & aunty.
Competed with each other.
Cousin won [:
My aunty the most pro one la, LOL.
Play 3 games [bowling]
Then booked the table tennis room,
After that ate lunch,

I ordered: Chicken Chop+muchroom sauce+frenchfries
[Desert: Banana Split] X: ate alot
Elder sister: Chicken Chop+mushroom sauce+potato
[Desert: Sarsi+vanilla scoup]
Younger sister: Fish&Chips, breaded+frenchfries+salad
[Desert: Sarsi+vanilla scoup]
Cousin: Salmon fried rice
[Desert: Iced Horlicks]
Aunty: Fish&Chips, non-breaded+frenchfries+salad
[Desert: Brewed Coffee]

Then went to play table tennis for an hour in conditioned room,
After awhile play 2 players one.
Then after that went to my AhMa's hse for dinner,
Had spaghetti&pizza,
LOL, we had big appetites!
Then go home[:

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