Monday, November 19, 2007

Went to Jeevijeevithathatha's house,
for Deepavali Party on Saturday.
with Alison&Tiffany&Alicia,
reach 304A,
then dont know our way.
call jeevitha's hp, noone answer!
then call her hse, she say she will come down.
saw her and apurva wearing indian costume.
Alicia also wear Indian costume.
Then play 'speed' using uno cards.
jeevitha got 4 packets of uno cards!
then i'm the winner!
haha, because i start first without waiting for the other player,
and got a mushroom keychain -.-
then went to the corridor to play,
jeevitha throw the whatever bomb at us.
the neighbour werent pleased.
but jeevitha say,"nvm la, they wont scold!"
oh my, lmao.
we went to another hse at that floor to watch a dog,
then i want a b0mb to scare the others,
jeevitha dont let me take,
she ask me go and find the box full of bomb,
she say i wont find it.
but her sister made it too obvious,
so i found it and manage to get a few bombs!
then go downstairs park to play bomb attack?
haha, lmao.
then go back again,
actually want to buy another box ($6),
but her father dont let, or what?
dk la,
then play pillow/stuff toys fight!
and broke a spongebob leg :D
not me, is dk who.
then got the da.. dk what,
keep making me, like hitting me,
so i use the stuff toys in my hand and hit him real hard,
he cried and complain to jeevitha,
but jeevitha dont care! haha.
alison and alicia also dont like him!!
then nearing the end,
that boy came to me and say,
eh, sorry la, friend me okay?
then i say,"i dont want!"
then he go and complain to tiffany -.-
then he ask me again, then i annoyed, say ok la, ok la.
then eat dinner, got curry chicken (ate all the potatoes up), mutton (hot!), fried chicken, prawn, rice, pineapple? (dk what)
then play sparklers,
got the one with some (whistlers)
and the normal one.
the whistler got a lot of smoke!
then went home (:

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