Saturday, November 10, 2007

yesterday went with my elder sister to hougang,
for volleyball competition.
they not enough people,
must at least have 8, 2 subs.
i just go there pretend to be one of their players -.-
but it's very fun !
haha, at first meet at MRT station,
then take bus,
missed the stop,
need to walk very long distance -.-
they say i very shy, like very scared like that.
they all so funny lor.
then go there watch 2 or 3 games,
then go outside warmup, practice.
their game was against Jurong,
lost ]:
i think quite a good game lar,
first game they should win one lor,
the scores so close.
& i think i saw MAUREEN !
you number 14 right?
im number 4 !
oh gosh, maureen, you recognise me or not ?
after that go back,
stopped at yishun,
go ahgong's house,
havent shower yet,
because dont have clothes,
have dinner,
go back home,
watch tv,
sleep (:

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