Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shot 4!

Stayed at home,
xinlerk invited Qianwen and Yanni to our house to play mahjong.
But my father dont let, so came to do homework.
I played Yanni's psp and helped her with some of her hw.
Played some games etc.
Then they stayed for dinner.
and said they can be home anytime they want.
They my mother invited them to stayover.
They were happy, but did not phone their parents.
we were playing computer for awhile and yanni called her mother.
her mother agreed readily, without even asking for a reason.
Lol, then Qianwen called.
Her father dont let, then her mother came into the line.
Asked her for a reason, and she said for fun.
Haha, yanni was like,"cannot alr la, say for fun."
But Qianwen keep saying,"plsplsplspls!"
Then can alr, haha.
So both stayed for the night.
We played mahjong until late that night.
and chatted in our bedrooms.
woke up at about 10.
Lol, it was nice :D

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