Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shot 3!

ytd, met up with Qianwen, Cheryl, Yanni and Hannah with my sister at cwp.
Too bad Chaoxin cant go.
I felt very weird with seniors, haha.
Good thing is, i feel young :D
Lol, but soon i bonded with them la.
Ate at cwp Mcdonald.
and forced Yanni to decide whr we should go.
She said, go bugis then orchard.
Wah, siao, sure damn tired.
then let her choose 'B' or 'O'?
In the end, went to 'O' for Orchard.
Chatted with Hannah in the train :D
Walked for a while in orchard,
and it started raining.
Actually wanna watch movie {Oh my twilight!}
but then never la.
walked in the rain to fareast.
Quite fun, with Qianwen.
Bought nothing in the end, but used alot of money on food.
Eat Macdonald, drink Bubbletea. then eat KFC, then eat OldChangkee.
Hannah left early.
Wanted to go to Wisma, but then the exit blocked by guards.
Then decided not to go le, because later mrt very crowded.
So board the train back.
Played with Cheryl's psp.
Reached Cwp and bought 'Sharkfin soup'
Then go cold storage buy food.
then went to civic centre top floor to drink the soup, Lol.
then Cheryl went home.
Headed to Qianwen's house and changed clothes.
Played computer, and biantai stuffs.
Watched tv, and cooked noodles.
I had no part in cooking it.
Only eating :D
And suddenly realised the time, 11.55pm
quickly got ready and counted down.
'5..4..3..2..1..merry christmas!' real soft as Qianwen's parents and brother are asleep.
and they started molesting each other.
Then continued eating.
decided on whr to sleep,
first the study room
then Qianwen's room, too small,
then in the living room.
Slept with Yanni.
She la, keep pushing me off the mattress.
i learnt to push back, haha.
finally got to sleep at 4am.
and woke up as 9 pm,
we should be waking up at 6am. Lol.
Ate breakfast at Mcdonald and went home.
Qianwen's brother so cute.

Family Christmas Special:
Played Mahjong and Nami at home.
Haha, could win our parents la.
It was so fun.
all of us playing tgt, and gambling money!

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