Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cos I'm no criminal, and I'm not your enemy.

Trust me, I have no idea why AJC wanna call it Track And Field Meet instead of Sports Day. And, trust me again, I would never wanna tweet/blog anything about that day because it sucks. I mean, if it sucks till the point I dont even wanna complain about how much it sucks, it just mean it really sucks. That day was really boring, but at least my teammates brightened up the rest of the day!
Tessa, Vivian, Jacelyn, Me and Weisze!
 Weisze, Xinyi and I
Had buffet at Shabbu Sushi at Nex, Serangoon. Omg, that buffet was damn good! You have free flow of sushi, and steamboat! You get to eat as many icecreams as you want, and dessert as well. DRINKS INCLUDED, also free flow! And it's not like Seoul Garden, order extra soup base also must pay extra money, and the smell that gets caught in your clothes and bag are also not as bad compared to Seoul Garden. AND GUESS HOW MUCH I PAID FOR IT? Only $20! It's damn cheap! And I got a $3 voucher! HAHAHA, the voucher for myself only lah. I wanna eat it again, omg craving for it now. HAHAHA, oh and I'm skyping with Pan right now and talking about slimming down. I realised, you can never eat less, you can only do more. Or maybe it's just the case for us LOL.
The J1s after training!
Pranilla, Ayesha, Me, Vivian, Wanfen and Eunice.
Pranilla happens to be Diviyanth's cousin! What a small world! I swear Singapore is toooooo freaking small, everybody knows everybody! I'm serious! It's like just go to your friend's facebook profile and look at the amount of mutual friends you guys have. And you might be damn surprised to see some of the people you thought he/she might never know. You must be thinking like, aiya facebook what, people anyhow add friends one. How is it like my secondary school junior are actually cousins with my primary school classmate? WOAHWOAHWOAH. HAHAHA, I'm serious lah. Sighs, Singapore. Why are you just a small dot? 

Anyway, went over to the school's hostel to do our GP project. Damn cool I know! HAHAHA, I wanted to try the food there lor, but got limited coupons. D: But the food looked really nice and tempting. Anyway, sad thing is we didnt manage to finish our GP project that day, so we gonna meet up on Saturday again to finish the video.
Joey, Vivian, Amanda and I. HAHAHA OUR HAIR IS FLYINGGGG.
Skyping with boyfriend <3 HAHAHA, I love him so much. Anyway I'm quite upset that after school started, I can only meet him like once a week. D: Occasionally twice a week, but still it's like nothing compared to the secondary school days when I get to see him for 5 days a week! And sad thing is he's gonna start poly soon, that makes it even more difficult to meet up in future, cos he's gonna take up a CCA as well. AHHH, ok shall not think too much. Many teachers have been warning us that Term 2 is a very tiring and hectic term for us. It's making me really scared, because they also mentioned that tests will be coming up, and also PW. Sighs, I'm feeling the pressure of a JC student already. But still, given the choice, I will still choose JC. No idea why ok? I just feel that JC students got a brighter future. Well, not saying that poly students can't succeed, sure they can. But their chances of going to the uni is far too low. 
Skyping with the birthday girl now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAN <3 I love you so much too, but I miss you more right now! I wanna see you at the Public Performance plzplzplzplz. MUACKS. Enjoy your birthday! GO GET THAT TALL GUY MAN. HAHAHA, k doubt you'll read my blog post. BUT STILL, at least you know I love you. So happy that you spent your first few hours being 17 skyping with me.

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