Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Siewming, Pantita, Albert, Wenxuan, Joshua, Xuanhao, Chongwei, Max, Wanxin, Sarah, Choonzuan, a few others and I went back to Woodlands Primary (wdp) for the Games Day briefing. LOL, it was fun! The briefing was fast, of course the fun part is the games la. We ourselves get to try out the games and take turns to have a chance to ref. I only get to be second refs, never really get to blow my whistle. LOL seriously. But I think it should be okay la. I love the games part can already. I keep wanting to play, Mr Mickey la. Walau, keep bully siah. K la, I dont know why I raise my hand also. -,- But I got to play all the games ^^ I scored two points for tag rugby okay! It was my favourite game man! I'm proud. HAHA. Yea, a score from girls is two points. Primary school standard la please. Girls and boys mix one leh, not like now secondary school. -,- I miss tag rugby alot alot la. Infact I hope I get to ref for that. HAHA, but it's not my strongest game of ref la. I think Captains ball will be easy la. I think all the sec fours are gonna ref for handball, they seem more into it. YAY, captains ball for me. Or rugby also can la. I dont mind. Sorry, I lose my skills in being a catcher for Captains ball. I totally missed an easy ball man. I'm so ashamed. D: Long time never play already, sorry wenxuan :P And stupid albert, he so short, but can totally block me siah. And I'm used to playing violent :X Cos I girl what, I thought guys should be strong. So I like to pull and scratch. And caused Xuanhao to have a scar, or scratch or whatever. Lucky him la, can leave a scar made me beautiful me. HAHAHAH! I miss Zarfan too! He's more daring to speak up now, that's good ^^
Went for training after our early dinner. Damn full la. Training that day, sucks.
Wake up in the morning, dont know what to wear. Feeling like P.diddy. LOL. Went to IMM to get my newwww phoneeee! HAHAHA, yes yes yes. IT'S BLACKBERRY! Same as Pantita! Now we're waiting for sheela to get the same phone. Yes, all three of us planned to get the same phone plus same handphone cover! WOOHOO! :D Excited mannnn. I love muy BB. Sho cute, and classy. I loike. HEHE. WALAU SHEELA, FASTER LA YOU BITCH. We two pweety girls waiting for you know! HAHA. JOKANG! Was tapping on my phone the whole day. Sorry la, my eyes can't leave the keypad when smsing can. Still newbie ma. Went to Hongye's house to er, wah enjoy aircon. HAHA, then met Patrick and went to eat Sakae Sushi. Yea, our treat to Hongye ^^ Hongye was damn cute all the way la, seriously. He can't stop being cute man -,- K i was laughing non-stop at one of his jokes, like seriously can't stop laughing. but I forgot what's it about already. But he joker la! And then they left me alone afterwards with Patrick, I hate them. But now I love them again -,- LOL. Ate until damn full, I love the Mango Icecream. But I prefer their previous dessert. Mochi icecream and strawberry D: Xiaojun and I love it ttm. Pantita felt nauseous afterwards, she went to the toilet to vomit. Omg. Scary. But she's okay afterwards, still can dance leh. HAHA. Yea, went to Civic Centre 6th floor to dance. I can't dance, sad. LOL, i suck at dancing. Sorry la. LOL. Home tweet home afterwards. I was feeling damn full, maybe next morning no need to eat breakfast alr. HAHA, I LOVE MY BB! :D:D:D Sorry for the super summarized post, I'm sleepy. I wanna sleep nao, goodnights everyone! Loves?

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