Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guardian Angel

Cliques Outing yesterday. Met Xiaojun at her house, my shoe spoiled. I wore her slipper, and she had to wear heels. HAHAHA. Met @ Boots and Shoes as usual and headed to Marina Barrage. It started to rain unfortunately. Got down at Marina Bay and walked a distance to the busstop. There's a damn big puddle of water by the side of the busstop, so big that when cars drive past, the water splashes. And when I say splash, it's really SPLASH. LOL. We got no choice but to stand on the tall kerb. And there's some BGL over there. I didnt notice, but Max say they were staring at Xiaojun and I.

The shuttle bus to Marina Barrage finally came and we took it. Went to the green roof of the Marina Barrage. It was raining, so we sat down in the shelter and chatted. Ate some chips and drinks. Zena asked me alot about malay guys. HAHAHA. Then went down to 3rd level, found a nice spot and settled down. We ate the noodle Rasyidah bought. So nice! HAHAHA, eventhough it's not the trademark Mee Siam, but still. HAHAH, everything she brings is just soooo nice :D Finished almost all the food. We gossiped alot ah. Random, but we even talked about scars and abuses. HAHAHA. Took many photos with Rasyidah's camera, but she said she deleted most of them ): I think she's lying anyway.

Went into the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, took many many photossss! HAHAHA, it's so nice inside. Seriously, Marina Barrage reminds me of Sec two camp, where I saw many guy's underwear. HAHAHA, they la, never sit properly. LOLOLOL. I miss my campers man. ): Played with the green screen as well. K just so happen that I'm so high yesterday okay, I did alot of stupid stuffs. HAHAHA. And Farhan keep stealing the camera from me. HAHA.

Went to Lao Pa Sat afterwards. Had 50cents per satay. Other stalls sell 60cents okay! HAHAHA, so it's cheap. Had 10 satays per person- 5 chicken, 5 mutton. It was quite full okay. One person $5. HEHE. All thanks to Farhan, because he know the stall owner. We decided not to take the Singapore Flyer afterwards and overall we only spent less than $10! HAHAHA. We walked around at City Hall, the Singapore River. Took many many photos again! HAHAH. The bridges are so nice la.

Ate McDonald's icecream along the Singapore River, damn nice view. They just had to clean up the river abit. HAHA. Went home afterwards. And Rasyidah lied to me that she's alighting at Khatib!

*Khatib stop.*

Rasyidah: *pretends to leave*

Me: Bye.

Rasyidah: Kidding *slap my face*

Me: -,-

LOL, wth. And there's this weird guy sitting infront of us. He look so mental. And I can't stop imitating him! HAHAHA, anybody wanna see how he act like, please come to me. I like imitating him also, cos it's irritating. HAHAHA. I've been disturbing people with it also. LOL, Eunice and Rasyidah are one of them who got irritated. EHEHEHE. After we alighted the train, we sat down on the platform to chat. Max, Zena, Xiaojun, Rasyidah and I. HAHAHA, I kept imitating that guy. Omg, I'm imitating it to my sister already. LOLOLOL. It's so fun. HAHAHA. I dont know why la, that night I just damn high la! HAHA. SO FUN. I swear I didnt want the night to end, as I didnt wanna stop imitating that guy to annoy you guys! HAHAHAHAHA. And I even hit the board thing when I sat down. I went quiet for a moment, and start imitating the guy again. HAHAHA.


*Yay, our secret language!

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