Sunday, March 14, 2010

Had meeting in the morning, ahhh, our whole plan is screwed. Did I tell you that? Maria didnt come, and I dont feel very safe without her around. LOL, I'm serious. It's like we're just gonna waste another meeting doing up something that will never happen. & MARIAAAAA, HOW COULD YOU ABANDON US FOR ADAM LAMBERT!
K nevermind, met up with my dgf to go Plaza Singapura before meeting up with Hongye to chat. Yea, it's been quite long since I last chat with him. The last time was when i chatted with Yingting at the playground and he slept on the slide? LOL. We chatted until 1am! HAHA.
So I went up to his house and helped him abit with his composition. Then went to Woodgrove to have dinner, k I had teh bing again. LOL, programme people are crazy about tehbing now! WOOHOO. (L) Played volleyball with Hongye after that. Then Patrick came and gave him his very very very very very very very very very late birthday present.
Then they sent me home and I gave them drinks and Hongye his damn late birthday present also. LOL, he must love his present cos I love it. :D LOVE YOU HONGYE! Sorry to let you walk barefoot home, hehe.

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