Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haha, was chatting with Hakim just now and he made me post all the photos I printscreen-ed:

Small kiddo.

Haha, he snapping his fingers.

Tsk tsk, smoking.

Bugging me to kiss him -,-

Haha, he kissed me!

A blow kiss before he goes off.

Haizsx, no hope. Act cute again. Lol.

Haha, look at what we did before training! Sleeping in the toilet, I really slept okay, for that short 5-10 minutes.

Had Closing Ceremony today, won the Championship for the Soccer Game, and the Resilience Award. Btw, we're Egyption Mummies! Haha. Then had recess followed by D&T. I love it, D&T is so fun.

Runfa raced his car and I just brought my car down for show. Haha, Mr Tay racing against Runfa. They were on par siah, then I join in also. Lol, guess what? I won them! Hahaha, so the three of us are on par now. Mr Tay suggested that I join the Solar Car Competition. After much propaganda (lol, history-,-) used on me by Mr Tay and Runfa, I decided to join. But I lazy to go, haha, i go only if I have time. I need see first, later got clashes with my holiday programmes. Aloysius will help me race, k, I dont know him. It's because Eugene and Aloysius helping Runfa race then I go borrow one of them to help me also. lol.

Runfa, we gonna see each other in the finals. Hahaha. Then Runfa, Xiaojun and I last minute go chiong the dish thing. Haha, I chose the last white colour. Turned out quite okay, just that I lazy go polish it then can see some rough parts. Cos it's white in colour -,- Nevermind, it's still nice anw cos it's done by me :D Hahah. I also finished my wood design, from a spectacles, it turned into a light bulb, then a cartoon named HOOK. Haha, cos it has a hook, and if it's strong enough, it can be a hook when stick onto the wall.

Haha and training was so fun today. We asked coach for one last game of 10 points. Our scores were super close. It came to the last ball 10-11, they were leading. Then Jenny hit the ball and guess what? The ball went into the basketball loop. Lol, so funny. All of us just burst out laughing and couldnt stop laughing. and Jenny said, luckily the ball went inside, so we would be busy laughing instead of scolding her for not tighting her arm. Hahaha. So FUNNNYYYYY!

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