Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've actually decided to be a malay ghost.
But i heard it's irrelevant to Halloween,
as it is a western celebration.
so chaoxin's sister lended me her clothes.
I was her clothes almost from head to toe.
Lol, and they made me wear high heels.
i never wear before.
Jiajing also helped me put makeup.
when doing the eyeliner.
the black colour eyeliner suddenly spoil.
then the other eye must use brown colour.
lol, one black one brown.
then walk walk walk.
collected 13 lollipops in total.
woohoo, win yingjie.
got one house, decorated like a circus.
when you go in, the clown will scream.
lol, from outside, i thought it was recorded.
but it's not.
we went in and the clown said,
"Come on, come closer, dont be scared."
we did and she screamed!
i almost fell down the steps.
then got one house got a person covered in black with a mask,
sitting on a chair.
the hands moving like so robotic,
then i ask real one ar?
then it freezed for very long,
then jumped out like want to strangle us like that.
i think i stepped on someone's toe.

anyway, so alot of people.
but i very paiseh.

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