Thursday, August 7, 2008

Did not go to school today as i had a terrible headache caused by fever.
ytd kept sneezing in class,
went home tired and giddy.
Ate medicine and went to sleep.
Last night's temperature was 38.1 degree
today rose up to 39.4 degree.
Whenever i stand up to walk,
i will feel like i'm walking on water,
like gonna fall anytime.
hopefully tmr i'll be better,
as i didnt want to miss the ndp celebrations.
Gonna take good care of myself.
anw, missed training today.
wonder what new things they learnt.
really tired now,
but i slept for so long,
from 10pm last night to 6am today,
realised i was unable to go to school,
then slept again until 10.30am.
this is the worst fever i ever had.

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