Friday, November 2, 2007

aiya, i very sian.
the stupid assy nutty mixe told me to update,
and i promise her i'll update today -____-
anw, today i never go to school.
is because our class is going to little india,
so we are not participating in the 'BE YOURSELF DAY',
it is to encourage students to dress up as superheroes,
i find it lame,
because i AM alrd a super hero,
and so is squish,
she's my petttttttt !
im [flat] wonderwoman
& Squish, my pet, is wonderdogggggg.
wonderdog, dont you find the 'BE YOURSELF DAY' lame?
i find it ultra super duper lamest xDD
and i did not go to school today,
because mixe say little india very smelly,

ME: Mummy, i dont want to go school tomorrow!
MUM: Why?
ME: because my friend say little india very smelly, so i dont want to go alrd.
MUM: you go there can learn more what.
ME: oh, then you give me more money, excursion what, need money.
MUM: oh, then dont go lor, dont go lor.
lols, so not going alrd lor.
mixe say parent letter write i got menses/stomach cramp.

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