Monday, January 12, 2015

2015, another chance for us to get it right

I know I'm a little late with New Year greetings but still, Happy New Year! 

Some people don't believe in New Year resolutions cos they feel that they never accomplish them anyway, or those resolutions just get forgotten before half the year is even over. In my opinion, it's always good to start the year off with some motivations. One year changes many many things, and you never know how much you'll grow in that span of time and unknowingly accomplish something, whether it's small or big. I think it's just nice to look back to my previous New Year blog post every year and look at what resolutions I made, and even though I never really kept them in my mind as a reminder, I think it somehow indicates how much I've grown. You can view my 2014 New Year post here. Ahh and I just realized I started off this blog post the exact same way I did last year, and that I'm not uploading my drafted post on BKK trip yet because Pan hasn't uploaded the photos we took using her dslr. I guess some things never change hahaha.

So last year, my New Year resolution was to be independent since I was getting into NUS and it's an entirely different and new environment for me. I guess yes, I became more independent, but not enough. In 2014, many things changed for me. I stopped taking allowance from my parents and started working once or twice every week while schooling to earn more allowance. I know some people told me that I shouldn't be stressing over money at this age since I'm still schooling and I can easily take money from my parents. When I started working part-time, I was still taking allowance from my parents. The allowance my parents gave me was not enough for me to survive the entire week, I don't know how my sisters does it but it wasn't enough for me to comfortably? HAHA I don't know how to put it but I can't afford having good food every single day, let alone save, it wasn't enough to even have 3 meals a day for a week to be honest. After working, I had more money and even had enough to save for an overseas trip that I paid all by myself (my parents gave me a bit of money so I could buy some stuff for them that was it). It took a while for me to stop taking allowance from my parents. It started off like, two weeks with one week's allowance, and then me taking from them only when I really need it, and then slowly I learnt to not get allowance from them at all. I'm coping fine now, just got to slowly work and save up the money that I've used on my overseas trip. I think part of this is kind of inspired by my friends who are not taking allowance from their parents anymore. Also, I like working and spending the money that I earned on my own. It makes me value money more, and learn how to save better. 

In 2015, I still hope to be more independent, but in baby steps. I want to start paying for my own phone bills every month. My dad is always complaining about how we overuse our mobile data or exceeding the limited minutes of free calls we have and resulting in him paying a lot more than usual. I always just shook him aside and think that he's being a miser and naggy. I think that problems like this will always affect our parents, and we as kids will never understand that until that becomes our problem. I also hope that slowly as I become more independent, my parents can worry less about me and see that I've really grown. 

I also mentioned in my 2014 New Year resolution blog entry that I wish to constantly remind myself to be happy. I think that this particular resolution was one that never left my mind. My roses tattoo on my upper back is actually also a physical reminder to myself of that. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't have any sad moments in 2014, but I wish to just keep them there and move on. Sometimes to be happy, it means making the hardest decisions, but if it makes you happy, it can't be the wrong decision you know? That's what I always feel. I like to ask myself sometimes "am I happy?" It may seem like a simple yes or no question, but when you ask yourself that, the memories that come flooding in aren't always the happy and sweet ones. After everything that happened in 2014, I would like to say that YES I AM HAPPY. My life is not perfect, but I am contented. I live my life with flaws that I embrace, problems that I eventually will solve and a heart I thought was broken but was actually stronger than I thought. 

In 2015, I wish to be able to keep this up. I am allowed to be sad, but not for too long. When I am sad, I am allowed to cry as hard as I want, then I stop crying and get over it. Sometimes I cry without any reason at all, I just felt like crying. It just felt relieving to me hahahaha I believe I'm not the only one who feels the same.

Also, I haven't been exercising for the entire 2014 (omg saying this makes me feel utterly ashamed of myself). I think the only exercise I did was walking to the shopping mall from my place and back (it's just one bus stop away). I hope that in 2015, I will exercise more regularly and try to get toned. Not really hopeful about this resolution, and very reluctant to put this resolution down but I have to if not I'll become a blob of fats. I haven't been gaining too much weight I just think that my arms are getting really flabby and disgusting hahaha. 

Alright I guess that's all for my resolutions this year. I prefer to keep it simple at just three of them. I can come up with an entire list but then I won't be able to actually focus on them. It'll feel like homework for me HAHA. I hope everyone is ready to take on 2015 just like I am and I hope this year will be good for all of us. 

Here's a baby photo of me to remind myself that I used to look like a fat boy and be happy with what I look like now HAHA ok I'm just kidding
PS: tmr's my first day of school (no actually, in about 8 hours' time) maybe that's why I need this blog post as a motivation

Oh can I just digress for a bit because I am actually so excited for next semester to begin. I managed to successfully bid for LSM1202 Human Anatomy and I heard from my seniors that we will get to examine dead body parts (as in real life specimens and not any animated drawings on lecture notes anymore)!!! And also I made so many nice and reliable friends last semester from my LSM1103 Biodiversity practical group, I hope we will still keep in touch this coming semester. I also have lecture buddies for almost all my modules hehe so so excited. C'mon semester 2/2015, I'm ready for ya!!

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