Monday, January 11, 2010

Godgod, started on homeworks and stuffs. Not so bad for a start, I wouldnt say it's too hard for me to handle. Anyway, my weekends are sooo occupied with trainings and I went over to my grand's place on sunday that I didnt have time to do up the class t-shirt design. I still havent design them yet, I was thinking of consolidating the designs. HEHE, but I hope to include everyone's name in the t-shirt. Tasha did a great work! :D

Anw, we still didnt have a chance to see our english teacher, hopefully she comes back tomorrow, we have english lesson tomorrow. Actually I dont think there's alot of books to bring for school you know, I mean if you know what the teacher wanted to do, you didnt have to bring all the books. I didnt bring alot, I didnt have my sciences books. HAHA. But I gonna buy them soon la.

Oh ya, I dont understand why my classmates think our class is quite boring. I dont really think so leh, i think our class is quite entertaining what. Maybe you guys really need to talk more and voice out your own opinions, because your opinion matters. What you like, what you dont like, you have a share to argue about it. We cant always go by majority, if your arguments makes sense, why not? Some of my classmates that I expect would be noisy are not as noisy leh, TALK MORE. I dont care if you're irritating, it's harder to get you to talk than getting you to shutup!

Hmm, during Emaths lesson, I almost fell asleep from laughing too much. I mean Mr Siva made me laugh to much that I dont feel like laughing anymore. I almost wanted to scream at him to start lesson. And the Hengteng beside me was laughing like a mad chicken. Wth, is it really soooo funny? I was all the way giving a super sarcastic and still face. I dont think Eunice had the mood to laugh after looking at my face. LOL, sorry la, but it's really not funnny!

Class teeshirts, I dont wanna get all frustrated about it like how I did last year again. Maybe I wont be because a longer time was given, last year was super rush work. I even had to call the boss to rush him. -.- HAHA, but yay, it's jiajing in charge this year hopefully. I just need some more designs and ideas before I combine everything together. If not I dont want it to be like last year where some of them didnt purchase them because they dont like the design. IRRITATING PEOPLE, go design them if you dont like it. It's not easy okay!

LOL, anyway went over to Xiaojun's place today. She did alot of lame stuffs la! She think her Amaths textbook is smelly because got the wax smell and she went to spray her mum's hundred dollar plus perfume on it. Worst, she even went to hairdry it -,- Lame dao bao. And she even went to anyhow sms my friend! Revenge ahhh! And she did a silly dance in the lift, wthhhhh.

Oh ya, overheard my sister just now. School starts late tomorrow and it's like our whole family's leaving house together! HAHA, because my brother's kindergarden starts at around 8 i think and my parents are gonna have breakfast outside together. WOOOO, the cars gonna be squeezy laaa. Ohoh, and my father got a new phone. It's touch screen one, and it has the exact same functions as an iphone. COOL la, the game also so fun. HAHAHA, the phone can go internet FOC as well. K, I feel so suaku. Oh talking about it, I hate kiasu people man. Kiasu is bad for health people!!!! Cos i think, aiya, dont know how to say, but i just dont like themmm. HEHE :D

And to Jiajing, I guess you just have to endure with weird people sometimes. Maybe they're cats in the past life, they come and they go. They get close to you so that they can ignore you someday and hurt you. LOL, k I made that up. But Jiajing, goodluck to you laaaa. And many volleyballers are so dejected all of a sudden, main 12 is not even chosen yet. Why the hell you guys have such low confidence in yourself. Remember one of our school quotes?

"If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you're right."

It's all about yourself and what you think. Especially to Yingjie and Qiuheng, there's no need to feel so sad and disappointed if you guys did your best. Qiuheng, like what you said, I cant say you didnt do your best. Yes, you did your best, so you should be happy that whatever you get is the best results from your best efforts. RIGHT, if you did your best, this is the best results you get, UNLESS you can do better. Never give up hope, because hope will never give up on you. :D

Jiayou everyone, WRSSVB ftw! <3

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