Sunday, December 13, 2009

Went out yesterday with Xiaojun, again. HAHA, did our homeworks in the library. OKAY, i did only 2 questions and Xiaojun didnt even take out her pencil case -,- So we called our friend down, chatted all the way til 5pm la. Yea, chatted. Lol, then we went to Yishun to meet another friend to play mahjong. HAHA, omg, how did our doing-homwork-plan work out this way. Lol, but anw, I won 4 rounds. Hehe, very fun. Played until 9pm, then took bus 969 home. The friend keep annoying me, lol, but she's funnnn :D
Went out today with my sister, ya so rare. HAHA, we went to buy Yanni's birthday present, Qianwen's and our christmas gift. I loved everything I bought today, quite satisfying :D The christmas exchange gift is a bit difficult la, cos I have no idea who set the budget limit, $5-$8 only? I dont even think there's a need to have a budget limit, seriously. But anyway, today is fun cos I went out with my sister. We chatted about all kinds of stuffs, I dont know if I said things I shouldnt say to her also. HAHA, aiya, but we're sisters, whatever I know, she will know. And you know what, I think she can read my mind like a book. Cos everytime I wanna play the comp, she'll snatch it seconds before I managed to. Argh, and that's annoying -,- LOL, cos I just lost to her, according to my younger sister, I was slower by 5 seconds ): HAHA, k nevermind. I still love them :D
Oh ya, my mother and brother is sick. My mother said I didnt show concern to her. Sad la, cos I dont know how to show concern to other people, k maybe only family members. I realised it for quite some time already, and the problem is haunting on me la. Wth, my sister told me my mother was super sad cos I didnt even ask how is she feeling and etc. Godddd, see my problem is so serious. But anw, get well soon Marmiee :D

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