Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hmm, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVE everyone. I bet you guys are gonna go out to countdown or something right. Aww, poor Hakim and I are gonna countdown online. LOL, cos we thought the streets might be damn crowded or something and we have no money! HAHA. I hope next year will be a better year for me, cos 2010 is such a nice number. Much much better than 2012? Gotta party til I drop before 2012 come, k la, if that dumb movie is ever gonna come true or something. HAHA, then I'll have no bloody regrets. Maybe after everyone dies we get to live with those dinosaurs in another world. LOL, shit la, I think I'm dreaming too much after watching avatar.

Anw, I have been doing my homeworks lately. VERY HARDWORKING, esp when i do homework until 3am every night. And I dont sleep at 3am, I sleep at 4am. LOLOLOL, cos my sisters and I will either chat until we got tired and decided it's time to sleep, OR we will do some very silly stuffs. HEHE. Yay, so finally I'm left with Maths (God knows how and when I'm gonna finish it), Science, English and History. SADSADSAD!

I am so happy that I finished my compo and situational writing last night! So all I have to do now is to finish my article reflection and two comprehensions and I can throw my english homework aside alr. PROVIDED that Eunice Loh Li Ren find back my 'Finding Moko' worksheet that I lent her to 'REFERRRR'! Ahh.

I got nothing much to say actually, cos I havent been going out lately, just staying at home facing the comp and my homeworks. LOL, and people who are asking me out are those who wanna do homeworks in the library. Except Xiaojun, haiiiyo, I bet she cant finish her homework even if she dont sleep for the next few days. Yea, 100% chopchop she wont be able to finish one. I know her too well, you see.

I dont know what to post about already, oh ya. Damn it, Xiaojun and I bought a monkey keychain that we hung on our phones. Mine is a monkey with a fork while Xiaojun's a monkey with a spoon, and mine shines much much brighter than hers. It's suppose to blink a few times when we have an sms or call (anything to do with radiation or the satellite i think, correct me), BUT my monkey is starting to blink every now and then for no apparent reason. I wonder if Xiaojun's is blinking crazily like mine also. My friend scared me by saying got ghosts around me, cos they got some radiation feeling or something one. Eeeee.

And I wrote my compo on the title 'FEAR'. LOL, I dont know if anyone wrote the same thing as me, but I wrote on death. YAYA, i fear death. I think most of them are quite true, and the more I write, the more I think I'm really afraid of death. At first i wanna write about fearing the Hungry Ghost Festival, but I thought it would be a little unrelevant, because if you fear it, it's mostly on what you're thinking, which most of the time only you believe. Unless someone phyco your mind like siao.

And did I tell you I think I once had an encounter. I'm not sure if I'd really seen it, but it happened when I was in Primary 6, during the EOY school holidays. LOL, I think I see wrongly or something la. But here goes:

Xinlerk and I had training that morning and I opened my metal door and look outside, I saw my neighbour's mother wearing white shirt and white pants with her hands on the railing and looking down the building or something.

Then I went back in to tell my sister to hurry up because of something, i forgot. Either I dont wanna be late or she's really taking a damn long time refilling her water bottle. And so when we stepped out, my neighbour's mother was gone. So I thought maybe she went back into her house or something. I noticed her because I wanted to greet her when I walk pass her house.

So I decided I'd only greet her when I can see her from outside her house. Xinlerk and I went on and walk pass her house, and realised that her wooden and metal door was closed and locked, and there isnt a pair of shoe outside her house. I was a bit horrified. Mind you, walking there takes less than 30 seconds, she's a bit plump and I dont think she can move so fast.

So to clear my doubts, I decided to ask her if she did do whatever I saw her do earlier in the morning after my training. And she said no. Omg la, scared the shit out of me alr. I just remember I keep crying and crying because my mother dont believe whatever I said was true. But I dont really think it's a big matter, because after all, it did nothing to me.

K, this will be true if I didnt see wrongly. Because I didnt stare or go forward to touch it to make sure or something okay. But to not scare myself, I rather say that I see wrongly. :D

Lol, think I will end here. I remembered I got something else to say, but I forgot what. Aiya, so be it. I may be posting at 12am tonight to say my wishes! HAHA. bye

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