Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey 2E4 students, for those who ordered the class t-shirt, your shirts are with me. Can tell me when you guys have CCA or something, so I can pass it to you? If not I will pass those whose going to the class outing to Rasyidah and she will pass to you.
Yay, class t-shirts settled. Half of those who ordered the shirts have gotten them already. I think the last person to get them would be Ray? Lol. Last training before the start of U16 Round Two Competitions. And guess what? Pantita and Tiffanny, our two zugong players, would not be around. Pantita going Bangkok, and Tiffanny going Thailand for OCIP. Damn OCIP, seriously. I, k not only I, noticed that Tiffanny is spending most of her time in the councillor room than in trainings. And my sister told me that CCA leaders were almost chosen to join the OCIP as well, but most of them were not free [basketballers I think, they got overseas trip], so they chose the uniform groups. Lol! Imagine how we're gonna go through the second round with Xinlerk and Cassandra. WORST! Four main team players gone. HAHA, that will look funny. But luckily both of the captains, XL and Cass, would be around.
K, training was okay. My mood hor, haiyo, dont know what's wrong also. I think it's because of the SC camp, first wenxuan ask me to think of ideas. Okay, I think. Then I think alr, they never take my idea? Wth la, like last year like that, say my ideas lame, not relevent to the theme, no objectives. And to top it all, noone informed me that today's SC meeting was cancelled. [I asked around the SC members in the middle of last night] Curse you, you said you'll update me with the details and damn your stupid attitude. I'm not stupid, in case if you think I am. K nevermind, I shall listen to my friend, just go and enjoy the camp. No point worrying, lol.
Oh ya, training. Everyone was moody la, can see okay, even I also moody. I was so irritated by, k nevermind, I dont wish to mention it here. I'm sorry for my bloody black face okay, I was alright during the set games already. Ya, when I'm alright, everyone else isnt. Is there a problem with me or what? I was like cheering for everyone to buck up, and everyone just didnt, and I was the only one shouting with no reply afterwards. And when I dont wanna shout, you guys wanna shout. GRRR.
So, to really buck you guys up, I got something to say. Coach is coach, dont ever cry for what coach say. She didnt mean to make you guys cry, and sometimes her phrasing of words is for you to buck up and NOT give up. Sec 2s, remember during our northzone, coach said we would never win Bukit Panjang? She said that with the hope that we will prove her wrong, but little did she know, half of us have already given up due to what she said. And then, during U16, coach said she was sure we would beat all the schools in round one and get into round two. With what coach said, we were confident that we couldnt disappoint her, and hey presto, we won and made it to the second round. Pantita, coach may say that,"you can kiss you main six position goodbye", but surely you know she didnt mean what she say after being with her for almost 4 years right? She wanted you to prove her wrong, eventhough she know you definitely would. Vballers, dont self doubt yourself. Noone is limiting you to what you're supposed to do, you are the one limitting yourself. Noone told the ocean you could only come this far, how far is the ocean? How far can you go? How far do you think you can go? And how far did you go? Okay, I wanted to write this after reading Yingjie's and Jiajing's blog. So, jiayou, buck up.
If you think you can, you can. Dont limit yourself. :D

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