Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shot 9!
Lol, NG!
Eunice is a lousy photographer.
Community Day was fun,
my group was with Gabriel unfortunately and Sufei AND RASYIDAH!
Haha, so lucky right.
I dont understand why teacher puts us together la.
We were such a nuisance in class tgt.
On our way to the block, which i forgot what block number it is,
Gabriel stepped on Sufei's shoe for 6 times?
Haha, and he walked with his chin tucked out, expressionless.
Lol, funny la.
Then we were assigned to the 8th level.
And guess what, there's only 2 units over there.
so we went to the other units.
we found out that only alternate levels have more units.
So gave out those oranges to them.
One of the units have 2 dogs, and they barked when we knocked on the door.
The windows were opened, and i thought they can jump out anytime.
Then got one man sitting infront of the television,
we thought he watching tv,
then knock the door and called for him.
then suddenly,
Haha, he was sleeping!
He snore so loud and long la.
Then better not disturb him, went to the other units.
we were the last groups to reach the void deck.
Rasyidah wanted me and her to act as if a dog attacked her from one of the units.
but i cant help laughing.
so it was a failure.
Rasyidah blamed me!
Haha, and Xiaojun left her wallet inside the bag with the oranges when she gave it out to the residents.
luckily when we went to the unit to give them the oranges,
she returned it to me as i recognised it as Xiaojun's.

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