Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shot 6!

Went Causeway point to countdown again, with Qianwen, Yanni and My sister.
Haha, ate the same nice stuff, sharkfin! :D
Unfortunately, we did not get to see the fireworks.
Never even hear.
Maybe they never put.
Anyway, welcome 2009 :D

Went to school as per normal.
Excited to see my classmates and friends.
Excited to see my junior Sec ones.
Excited to get started and know more friends!
Haha, basically excited of everything la.
Took height and weight, 165cm and 46.2kg.
Grew taller by 1cm!
I saw my primary school volleyball juniors.
they better join volleyball alright!
Haha, chatted with siewming on msn,
she's so concerned of whether can bring handphone or not.

Training in the afternoon.
self-train as coach werent around.
Was quite boring,
but i tried talking to teammates as they say i was too fierce.
Worked for some, but not all.
I'll try again, okay!
Lol, not gonna give up that easily!

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