Friday, January 23, 2009

My cute little cousins! Bernard, Braiden and Rebecca.
maybe their actions describes how i felt for the past few days,
happy, excited and confused.
Yet, i learnt.

PE and we did our incline pullups.
I was the third last to go, and i did with Kityee.
We have to get 18 for an A.
Fine, i did 20 and did not want to do it anymore.
And sheela was like,
"C'mon, one more, just one more."
I did it slowly, but it was tougher.
Haha, and that's my result: 21!
Self training: Coach just sent me a whole lot of drills for Chaoxin and i to conduct the training.
I was sure something terrible was to happen, guessed it right.
But from ones mistake, one learnt something.
You change to suit us, we dont change to suit you.
And when you finally change, we celebrate to be happy for you. (:

Standing Broad Jump: 205cm.
Pissed! Alison got 206, that god damn it 1cm!
Haha. Chaoxin even more pro la, 220cm.
Lol, then running.
2 rounds around the park.
I was like, sian. running again.
But i want it to be over, quick!
And i was the first girl throughout.
Because i sprinted at first, until was almost caught up with runfa,
but he bushuang, so he ran faster, haha.
And I kept thinking, i cant stop.
once i stop, maria is gonna catch up, alison too.
I cant stop!
Haha, and i didnt stop.
It was really tough leh, never warm up or anything.
then let the muscle stretch until like that.
Lol, timing was: 7.14min for 2 rounds.
Okay, the person who said it was impossible, pls go and die.
I'm so freaking happy okay!
Never was i the top 5 girls in class?
gonna work harder next time :D

Match against Presbytarian High, lost?
So what if everyone said we're gonna lose, FOR SURE.
So what if they said nasty things and insult us,
saying they'll treat us drinks if we LOSE.
So what if they said they're gonna be there to support Presby.
I dont care.
What we're gonna do is stand in the court, confident and prepared.
If we lose, something precious is learnt.
Eventhough the process of the ending game was terrible,
because tears rolled down uncontrollably.
And, that referee. *i keep my thoughts to myself k, haha.

CNY Celebration!
Did the card designs, haha.
It was very rush la.
The others did the lantern or something i dont know.
Seniors have their match today.
At around 11, we have our CNY concert.
Waited for Xiaojun to finish her Guzeng practice,
and waited for 3 hours!
When she finally came, we went to Sakae Sushi to eat.
Had a hearty meal there.

This is the bird we saw while waiting for Xiaojun,
it cant fly.
It hopped and fell, haha.

My red plate dish.

Desert, frozen strawberry.

Frozen Mochi, NICE! :D

Hongye's look when looking at the red plate dishes.
Haha, shot 2.

The number of plates.

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