Saturday, October 25, 2008

Went BBQ with teammates ytd after training.
Training from 7.30 to 12.
but was delayed until 1pm+
training wasnt so fun,
coach was not in good mood i guess.

then went to BBQ at around 3.30.
brought alot of things la,
so heavy but luckily chaoxin got bring trolley.
then went to eunice's house.
i want to play her comp, ehehehe~
but venus playing!!!
then nvm, i decided to eat first.
but they dont want to go to the pit.
so i keep bugging them.

the environment was really nice,
because even though thr was a trashbin,
i prefer throwing the rubbish into the bush or down the road.
[i do not have the photos, camera is spoilt]
started with the charcoal.
it was not really successful.
as the starter was not enough.
chaoxin, dajiejie, did it.
failed, failed and succeeded.
but we need a lot of fire starter.
so eunice's father go buy.
then we started to cook.
yummy la.
oh ya, one of the corn we got put honey instead of butter.
it was my idea since there is so many.
it's the first one to be done grilled.
but many people say havent cooked then dont want to eat.
then the chickenwings,
alot failed la.
some havent cooked etc..
we weree playing with charcoal too.
got alot i accidentally throw down the building.
then for quite a while,
grilling then going to be night le.
jenny went home first.
had a bit of teamtalking.

then jiajing went to the toilet with me.
she cannot tahan.
then come back i saw one route,
very pretty,
cos of the designs.
but when i walked halfway,
i realised need to cut across the water.
so need to take off my shoes and walked across it.
was very fun lo.
then i bugged jiajing to try again with me la.
but scared the guard see.
we checked got guard or not.
then we go into the small pool and walked a while.
our pants all wet.

then chaoxin want to rollerblade,
got some kids rollerblading also.
so we go to eunice's house.
jiajing blur blur one,
dont know which one her house.
so just anyhow,
haha, it was right anyway.
then took the rollerblades alr.
and pressed all the buttons on the lift.
chaoxin say later got ppl downstairs waiting for the lift.
wahsey! really got ppl.
so we faster run away.

haha, i improvedddd!
after that got many ppl going home le.
and the guard also asking us to stop BBQing.
so we just hurry and finish up.
many chickenwings wasted la,
so eunice bring home.
chaoxin and alison escort me home.
haha, then got one rat suddenly scurry across the path infront of us.
scared me like siao.
then i joked that they must escort until outside my house.
LOL, but they never la.

It was so fun :D

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